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Plaistow Primary School

Curriculum Drivers

At Plaistow Primary School our children experience joy on their own unique learning journey in order for them to become creative, aspirational lifelong learners. 


These drivers underpin our curriculum, inform our decision making, and guide the way we all interact with one another.


  • Joy
  • We have fun on our learning journey and feel excited to learning new things

  • We support, encourage and collaborate with those around us and in turn feel supported by others

  • We make others in our community feel included, respected and valued

  • We all feel special and proud to be ourselves, celebrating what makes each of us diverse and unique

  • We are proud of the school community we belong to and are excited and empowered by what we can achieve together

  • Creativity
  • We are innovative and think critically about ways to solve the challenges we may face

  • We take time to reflect on how best to solve problems that may occur with our friends and peers

  • We are proud of our school curriculum and enjoy making imaginative choices in our learning

  • We see new learning experiences in the world around us, both in and outside of the classroom

  • We have the freedom of choice when it comes to our learning journey and in our wider school experiences

  • Aspiration
  • We are determined, showing resilience and bravery when tackling challenges and learning new things

  • We believe we can achieve greatness on our own learning journey

  • We have high expectations for ourselves and others

  • We see ourselves as role models and leaders who can make a positive impact on the world around us

  • We are ambitious, having hopes and dreams for the future

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