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Plaistow Primary School

The Early Years Foundation Stage

At Plaistow, we believe that Early Years education is fundamental in creating joyful, creative and aspirational learners.

Research shows that that high quality early years education makes a life-long, positive difference to children and this is our mission at Plaistow Primary School. 

EYFS Policy - Plaistow Primary School

Starting in the EYFS at Plaistow


Our Early Years consists of a Nursery - we run half day sessions that are full time, 15 hour places for children from 3 year 3 months and two full time Reception classes. Pupils enter our Reception in September from when they are 4 years old.

At Plaistow, we believe that Early Years education is fundamental in creating joyful, creative and aspirational learners.

We provide all children with a rich, safe and stimulating environment that is inclusive and supportive for all.  Learning is play-based and takes place both indoors and outside.  Our EYFS includes a balance between adult-initiated experiences (guided learning) and child-initiated experiences. The learning environment and curriculum is designed around high quality texts and with our children’s individual interests and strengths in mind.

We have an exciting outside space that promotes all areas of learning and development for all pupils.

Aims of the Early Years at Plaistow

  • Children access a broad and balanced curriculum that is based on high quality texts.
  • Children access an enabling environment that is rooted in high quality play. 
  • Children are unique. Their personalised learning journey is developed and supported through equality of opportunity and anti-discriminatory practice to ensure good progress and that no child gets left behind.
  • We create an environment which supports strong partnerships between children, practitioners and parents and/or carers.
  • We make sure that our practice ensures pupils feel happy, secure and safe to become independent, self-assured risk takers who are confident, resilient and motivated to learn in many different ways. 

What We Teach

We plan an exciting and challenging thematic curriculum based on high quality texts. The planning is based on our observation of children’s needs, interests, and stages of development across the seven areas of learning to enable the children to achieve the Early Learning Goals.

At Plaistow Primary School, our school curriculum drivers are: joy, creativity and aspiration. These values underpin the curriculum, inform our decision making, and guide the way we interact with one another.

Our staff understand that young children do not develop in a fixed way. Their development is like a spider’s web with many strands, not a straight line; our thematic curriculum works perfectly to meet the needs of all children regardless of their stage of development. 

All seven areas of learning and development are important and interconnected.

Three areas are particularly important for building a foundation for igniting children’s curiosity and enthusiasm for learning, forming relationships and thriving, both in the EYFS and into Year 1. These three areas are the prime areas.

Children are also supported through the four specific areas, through which the three prime areas are strengthened and applied.


Our practitioners get to know each pupil as an individual and planning is based on what the children already know, building on their existing knowledge to help them learn and grow.

Regular assessments ensure that children are challenged and that learning is accelerated. Staff plan regular opportunities for child initiated learning and play alongside teacher directed learning based on their assessments and next steps.

Our EYFS Curriculum works on a two-year cycle. Our Nursery and Reception teachers plan their learning around the same core texts each term, with the whole of EYFS joining together to ensure continuity and progression. Each term we work towards four outcomes that showcase a celebration of our learning.


Here is an example of an EYFS curriculum map:

EYFS Autumn Term Curriculum Maps Cycle 1 and 2

EYFS - We're Going on a Bear Hunt

EYFS - Coming soon...

EYFS Spring Term Curriculum Maps Cycle 1 and 2

EYFS - Izzy Gizmo

EYFS - Coming soon...

EYFS Summer Term Curriculum Maps Cycle 1 and 2

EYFS Summer Term - Eric Carle

EYFS - Clean Up!