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Plaistow Primary School

Staying Safe at Plaistow

At Plaistow we are doing everything we can to ensure that our school is a safe place for our pupils and staff.

After such a long time off school over the Spring and Summer of 2020 as well as the Spring of 2021, we believe that pupils should be in school everyday in order for them to catch up on missed learning, make accelerated progress and spend time talking, playing and having fun with their friends. Face-to-face teaching supports children to learn collaboratively and develop social skills.

If you would like to have a paper copy of our full risk assessment, please contact the school office. Click the links below for an overview of the safety measures we have put in place this academic year.


January 2022 Key Information Information

27th January Update - Covid-19 Flow Diagram Plaistow Primary

27th January 2022 Plaistow Risk Assessment 11th January 2022 Plaistow Risk Assessment 

Covid-19 Flow Diagram Plaistow Primary

January 2022 Start of Term Letter to Parents

January 2022 Plaistow Risk Assessment 

January 2022 Outbreak Management Plan


September 2021 Key Information Information

September 2021 Plaistow Risk Assessment

September 2021 Outbreak Management Plan

Taking Your Child to an Early Years Setting


Risk Assessments and safety communications from the 2020/2021 academic year:

March 2021 Safety Precautions at Plaistow

March 2021 Plaistow Risk Assessment 

2020 2021 September Safety Precautions at Plaistow

Covid-19 Fact Sheet for Parents

Staying Safe in the Community

September 2020 Plaistow Risk Assessment