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Plaistow Primary School


Science at Plaistow Primary School is focused on exploring together in order to learn about our world. 

Working Scientifically is at the core of our science curriculum and provides children with the tools they need to ask questions and find answers. We inspire our children through hands-on practical exploration, where children take ownership of their science learning journey. Plaistow Primary School is committed to increasing children’s science capital, so they are confident working as scientists and feel a connection to our world.

At Plaistow we explore together to learn about the world around us.

Working Scientifically specifies the understanding of the nature, processes and methods of science. Throughout their time at Plaistow, children will learn key scientific knowledge and skills through carrying out investigations, which involve the following different types of inquiry approaches:


  • Observation over time
  • Identifying and classifying
  • Pattern seeking
  • Research
  • Comparative and fair testing

We understand that not all scientific questions can be answered using the same scientific methods. In Key Stage One and Lower Key Stage Two we dedicate the majority of our science lessons to exploring and practising these five different types of inquiry. As children move into Upper Key Stage Two, they will be familiar and confident in selecting and using the most appropriate method of inquiry for a given scientific question. 


Our science teaching aims to:

  • Nurture children’s curiosity and encourage asking questioning and finding answers
  • Enable children to devise their own enquiries, by giving them competence in the full range of practical skills 
  • Provide children with the ability to use scientific vocabulary to express their thoughts and ideas confidently in both verbal and written expressions 
  • Give children regular opportunities to collect, represent and anaylse scientific data 
  • Allow children to understand that science is ever changing as technology advances and to critically evaluate scientist’s findings 
  • Ignite a passion for science and an appreciation for its benefits to the world in past, present and future applications


Our subject progressions are bespoke to Plaistow. They have been compiled with reference to national and international bodies and organisations of which our school has membership to:

Plaistow Primary School Progression in Science

Plaistow Primary School - Science Policy