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Plaistow Primary School

School Improvement Plan

At Plaistow, we see ourselves on a journey of continuous school improvement. We are always reflecting on our successes but also looking for research driven ways to improve the outcomes, life chances and well-being of our pupils. 

The following are our School Improvement Priorities for the 2021/2022 academic year:

Priority 1: Assessment and Moderation

To ensure that accurate assessments of outcomes in reading, writing and maths inform challenging next steps for all learners.

  • What will be the impact on pupil learning?
  • Based on their outcomes, pupils are given challenging next steps in reading, writing and maths
  • Pupils can talk confidently about the next steps in their learning
  • Pupils are immersed in a school culture of high expectations and challenge for all, making accelerated progress from their starting points

Priority 2: Curriculum Outcomes

To embed the Plaistow thematic curriculum so that planning and teaching results in high quality and purposeful outcomes for pupils.

  • What will be the impact on pupil learning?
  • Pupils access a broad and balanced curriculum across all subject areas
  • Pupils are challenged and engaged through outcome driven learning journeys
  • Pupils acquire the knowledge and skills required for each subject area and make good progress in doing so

Priority 3: Science

To improve the quality of teaching and learning in the curriculum area of science.

What will be the impact on pupil learning?

  • Pupils develop an enjoyment and passion for learning in science
  • Pupils make good progress in science, acquiring the knowledge and working scientifically skills for their year group
  • Pupils’ mental health, well-being and academic performance in science is improved through outdoor learning opportunities

Priority 4: Coaching and Mentoring

To embed a culture of coaching and mentoring through one-to-one line management.

What will be the impact on pupil learning?

  • All teachers participate in regular and meaningful coaching and mentoring conversations with their line manager
  • Teacher use line management to reflect on and talk about their practice, including their own well-being
  • Creating a culture of discussion and reflection about learning has a positive impact on outcomes for all pupils at Plaistow