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Plaistow Primary School

Reading in the School Community

We love reading at our school and aim to create an environment which fosters of love in books in our children, staff and families. 

At Plaistow, we don't see reading as a stand alone subject. Our curriculum is rooted in beautiful, high quality texts and we see reading as a the key to unlocking a world filled with learning. 

Plaistow School Library

Our Outdoor Reading Area

The Reading Atrium

We are proud of our Reading Atrium. Our carefully curated bookshelves outside the dining hall change regularly and our children enjoy reading at lunchtime!

Prize Bookshelves

We love giving prizes for amazing behaviour choices, recognising success along the learning journey or winning competitions. Instead of stickers and stamps we celebrate with books from our prize winning bookshelves!

Reading in the Early Years

We believe that a love of reading begins in the Early Years. We create inviting spaces for our children to enjoy books in!

Visits to Plaistow Library

We take advantage of the fact that Plaistow Library is right around the corner. Every class gets to enjoy frequent visits to the library.