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Plaistow Primary School

Play Leaders

Our Play Leaders are pupils in Upper Key Stage 2 who are role models and problem solvers during play and lunchtime at our school.

Play Leaders work to encourage, support and help other children to stay safe and make good choices at lunchtime.

To become a Plaistow Play Leader, applicants need to consider what makes a good leader in order to inspire and motivate others to the best that they can be.

Being a Play Leader makes me proud because I can make sure that playtime is a joyful experience for other kids at Plaistow (Year 6 Play Leader)
I like being a Play Leader because I get to walk around the playground, talk to pretty much everyone and spot if anyone needs help or even just a friend to talk to sometimes! (Year 6 Play Leader)
Play Leaders are there to help us if we need to sort things out with our friends. It's nice knowing they're there (Year 3 Pupil)