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Plaistow Primary School

Curriculum Maps

Book-Inspired Termly Curriculum Maps

Our bespoke termly curriculum maps support teachers in planning high quality sequences of thematic learning in all subject areas, linked to National Curriculum objectives. Teachers use these curriculum guides to think carefully about the learning journey pupils will take and expertly map out the creative outcomes that pupils will work towards.

Teaching teams have an excellent understanding of what interests and motivates the children they teach. As such, they will plan outcomes that will create the most joy and excitement for children which will in turn positively impact progress, confidence and a desire to learn more.

Here is an example of one of our bespoke termly curriculum maps:

English (Reading and Writing) is informed by termly curriculum themes.

Some curriculum areas (Foundation subjects) are taught discretely. These subjects are Religious Education, Modern Foreign Languages, PSHE, and Physical Education

Where possible, Music, Performing Arts and Computing are linked to the termly theme. However, links are never tenuous and sometimes these subjects are taught discretely. 

Plaistow Primary Whole School Curriculum Map

Autumn Term Curriculum Maps

Year 2 - The Hundred Decker Bus

Year 3 - Here We Are

Year 4 - Snow White in New York

Year 5 - Shackleton's Journey

Year 6 - Letters from the Lighthouse


Spring Term Curriculum Maps

Year 1 - Astro Girl

Year 2 - The Minpins

Year 3 - The First Drawings

Year 4 - Escape from Pompeii

Year 5 - Hidden Figures

Year 6 - Africa, Amazing Africa


Summer Term Curriculum Maps

Year 1 - Paddington

Year 2 - Where The Forest Meets The Sea

Year 3 - The Egyptian Cinderella

Year 4 - Beowulf

Year 5 - Mythologica

Year 6 - The Tempest


Our EYFS Curriculum works on a two-year cycle. Our Nursery and Reception teachers plan their learning around core texts each term. Our learning is driven by working towards celebrations of learning.

Click here to see our EYFS Curriculum.