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Plaistow Primary School

Covid-19 Recovery Strategy and Catch-Up Premium

Our 2021/2022 Covid-19 Recovery Strategy aims to ensure that our children rapidly catch-up with any lost learning as a result of the school closures due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Although our home learning and remote education offer was of a very high quality, we are aware that pupils’ academic achievement was significantly impacted by wider school closures. Moreover, the pandemic impacted the social, emotional and physical wellbeing of our children. 

We have a commitment to improving outcomes for all of our pupils and have high aspirations for all in our school community. However, we are also very aware of and target support towards those children who are considered disadvantaged/vulnerable and have struggled disproportionately to their peers.

We have used the Education Endowment Foundation’s teaching Toolkit to identify research based strategies on how best to support our pupils in catch-up.

Click the link below to find out more information about our Covid-19 Recovery Strategy. It should be read in conjunction with our School Improvement Plan priorities. 

2021/2022 Plaistow Covid-19 Recovery Strategy

Covid-19 Catch-Up Premium

For information on our plans for the Covid-19 Catch-Up Premium, please click the link below. 

2020/2021 Plaistow Covid-19 Catch-Up Premium Strategy